Beauty Courses in Newcastle, Whitley Bay

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Beauty Courses in Newcastle, Whitley Bay

Thinking of starting a business in beauty in Newcastle?

What is the best beauty course to start with?

There are normally 3 types of people who want to get into doing beauty.

Starting out – curious about whether or not doing beauty is right for you

Small business or hobby – you want to add an extra income by offering beauty services part time.

Professional beautician– You want to do beauty full time and have your own complete beauty business

Beginners – as a total beginner into the world of beauty you need to cover health and safety, sanitisation, contra indications, about skin and about hair growth etc and more. Cities like Newcastle can be competitive for beauty services.

You will have to decide if you want to learn lashes, waxing, brows nails, which will mean manicure .

How long are the beauty courses in Newcastle?

Each one is one day. It depends how many subjects you want to learn. Many people start with one type of beauty treatment and add to their beauty services. We can offer various beauty courses in Whitley bay, Newcastle.

Is the beauty certificate recognised for insurance?

Yes, the certificate issued is accredited by Beauty Guild and you can get beauty insurance within the industry.

Once I get my certificate, can I do beauty treatments on ‘real’ paying nail customers in the Newcastle area?

Yes but you need to practise to build your beauty skills and speed after attending your course in Whitley Bay, Newcastle. You need to make sure the beauty treatments you are doing look good and most of all are lasting. You also need to practise.

How much can I change someone for a beauty treatment in the Newcastle area after the beauty courses?

We recommend that whilst you are practising directly after the beauty courses, we recommend you charge around £10-£12. If you do a set of ‘free’ beauty services you will not make any money and many people will want free!!