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FAQ's Beauty Courses

Why Choose Top Talons for your nail and beauty courses?

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Free advice on starting a beauty business, we have the experience

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General FAQ's

Where are your courses held?

Our Beauty Courses and Nail Courses are held in Chesterfield. People travel from around the country to us, due to our excellent prices and quality and reviews.

Some Companies are offering up to 50% off their nail course and beauty courses how come?

Because they just advertise inflated prices and then offer you a discount. They are still higher prices than our courses even with their discounts! We just offer good honest prices to start with and are the best value in the country guaranteed.

Some Companies do training around the country do you?

We don't, our courses are in Chesterfield. Other Companies just rent hotel rooms, and so their courses are more expensive as they have to pay room rent. We have a purpose built training room for all our courses so worth travelling for. Or they sub let training to other schools and just take their profit.

Why don't you have training centres in my area like some other beauty schools, then i don't have to travel so far ?

They just sub contract to other schools! and then charge you more. This can impact on the quality of the training, as the owner is not there to monitor the quality of the training Sometimes, tutors may not be as vigilant when they are not being quality checked. It is easy to employ tutors around the country, but we choose not to.

Can I question why your courses are so cheap?

Yes, and people do, BUT also phone the other Companies and ASK THEM WHY THEY ARE SO EXPENSIVE! We say we are excellent value for money not cheap, so why only question the lower priced courses? We are Beauty Guild accredited like the more expensive courses so the only difference is profit. You can get insured with all our beaty courses and nail courses.

How do I book a course?

You would call to pay a deposit to secure a place. If we didn't take deposits then people may not turn up which would not be fair on other students.

What are the timings of your beauty and nail courses?

Beauty courses are 10am til around 4pm, many nail course can start at 9am til later please check when you book.

What do I bring to the beauty courses?

Lunch, and your own kit if using that.

Can I have the tutors details?

We don't give those out, as you can contact us with any questions.

What if other students are not listening and I can't concentrate?

We don't allow any students to disrupt a class or other students, as everyone has paid to be there.

Do i get an NVQ, VTCT like some Companies are saying?

Some Companies are saying there courses are to NVQ or VCTC STANDARD, so that you can be assured of high quality training recognised on a National Level. This is misleading as they are NOT offering you an NVQ or VCTC certificate for the course, as they are accredited by Beauty Guild same as our courses and give you their own school certificate.

Do I need more theory?

Our nail and beauty courses are practical based as this is what you need to be able to do the treatment. We do go through basic principles on our courses. You can always learn more theory. You can buy theory course now from Beauty Guild!

What if I don't want to be practised on?

Part of the beauty course and nail courses is that you will do the treatment and have it done to be fair to your colleague. If you attend a course and are unprepared to receive a treatment, you will not be allowed to take part, resulting in the loss of all course fees

I am thinking of doing nails and beauty but not doing a course

Many people might consider this as they wish to save money or not spend on beautycourses. But you would not be insured. Is that fair to your customers, as you would be self taught and uninsured. Would you want an untrained therapist possibly burning you with wax that is too hot or filing a hole in your nail? We try to keep our price of courses as low as we can so that hopefully it can be affordable and then you can be properly trained and insured. You can get insurance with all our beauty courses and nail courses.

Does everyone pass?

You a get a certificate of successfully completing your chosen course, as with most private training schools, if you successfully complete. This will be the tutors discretion. It is not a guaranteed certificate.

What about home study?

We know this is convenient, but nails ansd beauty are a practical skill which we feel requires an ACTUAL tutor showing you how to do the treatment. So we feel it is worth traveling for.

Do I get kits with your beauty courses and nail courses?

Many of our course come with kits but you can choose courses with or without kits as we are flexible on that. Let us know when you book.

What do I wear on your beauty and nail courses

You can wear what you like as we have a relaxed atmosphere as we feel students learn better.

What happens if I have to cancel or postpone my course?

Deposits and course payments are non refundable and non transferable within 2 weeks of the course dates. Failure to attend a confirmed practical training session will result in the loss of deposit.

I am a complete beginner is that ok?

We do not necessarily have beauty therapists on our courses, our students are from all backgrounds/ ages, so you will not feel out of place! You do not need experience.

People are traveling from around the country to Chesterfield, to attend our nail courses due to the fantastic unbeatable offer. We are a genuine Company, so don't be worried We are Beauty Guild accredited, check us out!

Too good to be true? Its good AND TRUE!!

We can understand people thinking offers like this are too good to be true, as we are all sceptical these days. Check our accreditation with Guild of professional beauty therapists. People sometimes question our excellent prices and we know most courses are much higher priced than ours. Why not question their high prices! We know with our courses you will get value for money and we get business! Maybe people have been charging too much for years!! Why because they can and have done for years, but customers now are more savvy.

FAQ's Eyelash Extensions Courses

Note: Branded lash adhesives can be up to £30 for 5 gram. Ours is £12.00

What is the difference? BRANDS If you do not wish to buy a kit form us you will probably pay double elsewhere

Why are your eyelash extension courses so cheap?

Others are too expensive, we still offer high quality training without the branded prices

Why are your kits such good value?

Because we have our own lashes and lash adhesive and remover manufactured

It is VERY important to check kit contents when comparing courses with kits included

Check what is in your eyelash extension course kit before you decide, and compare not just on price, BUT ON KIT CONTENTS and sizes!

Please choose individual eyelash extension course kit before booking and let us know what size

What products do you use for adhesive and lashes, should i choose a 'brand'?

That is up to you if you like paying more! YOU will pay for their marketing and trade show stands. We have our own top quality medical grade lash extensions adhesive and gel removers made to EU regulations and ISO approval, especially for us, like all the other Companies do! Also, we get our own lashes made too. J, B, C curl mixed length trays of 7,9,11,13mm and 2 thicknesses 0.20 and 0.25

Will my clients ask for brands?

More than likely not

Do we do a full set each on our eyelash extension course?

Many eyelash extension courses are shorter than ours as you may only apply a few lashes each! Check who you book with how many lashes you will be applying on each other. On our courses we endeavour to get each student to apply j as many as possible depending on timings

Do you cover eye cleansing on your eyelash extensions courses?

No that is part of our eyelash tinting or facial course. It is a good idea to be eyelash tinting trained, in case your client has blonde lashes

I have seen cheaper eyelash extension adhesive what about that?

Professional eyelash extension adhesives are not the same as strip lash and flare lash glues. You need a professional lash extensions adhesive otherwise your clients will complain that their lashes fall out easily, or the adhesive will be from the Far East and you may not be covered for insurance.

FAQ's Hair Weaving Courses

How many are on your hair weaving extensions courses?

2-6 students. Check who you book with how many are on your hair weaving course

Some hair weaving courses Companies offer 2 methods in one day do you?

We do on our micro ring courses as we also cover Malaysian Weave, but only if you are a hairdresser

Where is your course held?

Chesterfield. People travel from all over the country to our hair weaving courses due to the best value for money anywhere. But we can come to your home or salon, ask for pricing

Other Companies allow me to come back for free if i don't feel confident do you?

We don't do that, as we make sure you can do it before you leave

Can i get insurance?

Yes with Towergate Health and Beauty. Other hair weaving Companies do not tell you who you can get insurance with until you book. Why?

Do i have to be a hairdresser?

No you don't have to be

Most people come to the hair weaving course to learn as they currently can't do it

Many hair extensions courses will no longer be accredited by Habia for non hairdressers after July 2012

You certificate would be accredited by the school you trained with only. This means NOTHING!

NOTE: NEVER do a distance learning hair weaving course, or hair extensions course

If the school do you not tell you BEFORE the course what accreditation will appear on your certificate and what insurers you could use, DON'T BOOK!

Our hair weaving tutor trained with a wig maker in a large top Liverpool salon