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Spray Tanning Courses

Spray Tanning Courses
Spray Tanning Courses

Spray Tanning Courses

Spray Tanning Courses

Spray Tanning courses

Why Choose us for your Spray Tanning Course?

We have over 10 years experience in spray tan training

Our spray tan courses, are superb value for money

On our spray tanning training courses, you can use what spray tan solution you choose. Many spray tan courses make you use their spray tan solution. Also, on our spray tan training courses, we only use and sell the best quality equipment on the market. That way if you purchase our equipment, you will feel confident with your spray tan training course

We also FREE spray tan training when you buy our spray tanning equipment kit

Costs and Dates

Half Day

FREE Spray Tan Training Course when you buy our airbrush tan kit £229 plus VAT

£50 plus VAT spray tan training only no kit

Please call for dates

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Why is our spray tanning equipment more expensive than some?

Yes you can get a kit with spray tan training for around £149, but is cheapest always best?

We only sell the best world class quality Iwata Airbrush system, which has huge impact on the results achieved, and is very reliable  machinery

What is the difference?

The cheaper spray tanning courses with kit have HVLP machinery with their tanning  kits, which are much cheaper to buy!

The Airbrush Tan system that we use, uses a gun that is shaped like a pen and driven by a compressor. The compressor can also be used for airbrush nails/ body art and airbrush make up. This cannot be said for HVLP machines. A pressure of 20psi is generally plenty and a higher pressure can be too much for your clients skin.  Most compressors have a regulator on

Generally an airbrush application takes about 15 to 20 minutes and it gives considerable control to the technician

Yes HVLP are quicker, but are found to be extremely noisy and we have found on our courses where students bring their own HVLP machinery that runs can occur due to speed of solution and amount of solution from gun, as an HVLP is a blower , NOT A COMPRESSOR,  similar to a reverse vacuum cleaner.  Also clients don’t necessarily want speed they want an accurate streak free tan!

The reason HVLP systems are cheaper, is that it is an air blower not a compressor!  Just be sure you buy the machinery that will deliver you the results you need for your business with no hassle!

What is Covered

How to acquire and maintain clients, business advice/ pricing etc

client consultations and contra indications

Preparation of the client

instruction for use of compressors / airguns cleaning / maintenance of the equipment

body spraying sequence / use of DHA and different tanning solutions

About tanning solutions/ about tanning tents

contra actions and aftercare


Spray tan training from qualified tutors

Training Manual

Kit if applicable

Accredited Certificate

Details of Insurance

Business advise if required

After support


FREE Spray Tan Training Course when you buy our airbrush tan kit £229 plus VAT

£50 plus VAT (60) spray tan training only no

to one training £90


No previous knowledge required


Our spray tan courses are accredited by Beauty Guild a leading accrediting body in the Beauty Industry and so you will be able to obtain insurance

You will gain a Top Talons award accredited by Beauty Guild

Kit Contents

Full Kit Includes

Iwata compressor

spray tan gun and airline

airbrush cleaner

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